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IMG_1630.JPG"This whole idea of putting our hopes and energies into 'leaders' who tell us to seek common ground with fascists and religious fanatics is proving every day to be a disaster, and actually serves to demobilize people," reads the original World Can't Wait Call to Action. While Democratic Party promoters frame Power to the Polls events around 'get out the vote' initiatives this weekend, RefuseFascism.org prescribes a different course: mass visible resistance to patriarchal business as usual, independent of traditional party politics. 

This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! 

World Can't Wait will join Refuse Fascism contingents at marches in the Bay Area on the one-year anniversary of the historic Women's March on Washington -- also the one-year anniversary of the inauguration of the fascist Trump/Pence regime:


San Francisco Women's March
Saturday January 20, 11:30am
SF Civic Center (meet near Grove & Polk)


Oakland Women's March
Saturday January 20, 10:00am
Lake Merritt Amphitheater (meet near 12th Street)

plus, mark your calendars

The Rally for Reproductive Rights (updated January 18)
Saturday January 27, 11:30am
Federal Building, 90 7th Street, San Francisco

Refuse Fascism in San Francisco


Continuing a process of active investigation - of leading, learning, and forging greater unity - Refuse Fascism is embarking on a National Organizing Tour to key cities this January:

Thumbnail image for 2017_1227students-1.jpgSaturday January 6 RefuseFascism Statewide Student Conference  
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm 1590 Bryant Street, San Francisco

Sunday January 7 RefuseFascism Mass Organizing Meeting
3:00 pm 1590 Bryant Street, San Francisco

World Can't Wait members have a special opportunity this month to mobilize friends, family, neighbors, even perfect strangers, to resist the fascist policies we've been decrying for over a decade. Thanks to RefuseFascism.org, we have the vehicle to do just that: a subscription to what activists call "the only organization acting on and raising the alarm to get rid of this fascist regime." In its entirety; Trump, Pence and the whole enchilada.

It would be a crime, literally, against humanity to ignore the invitation of a lifetime to write a better future. The brutal protagonists of an already corrupt system have resurrected that monster of racist nationalism condemned in the last World War, freshly cultivated by the Trump/Pence Regime. Reformulated with help from the Republican Party, yes, but accommodated in large part by would-be leaders who know better and choose to look away. 

Human rights are long in the making but too easily quashed by authoritarian government. The dismemberment of law and custom we are witnessing on a daily basis can be stopped. We must reclaim the moral ground squandered to failed "representatives" of the people. A better world is possible. But it's up to us.

Donate here to support the National Organizing Tour

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