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It's up to us, people living in the United States, to stop the horrific crimes of a fascistic state and drive perpetrators from power.

"This administration is less than a month old and is steeped in scandal, incompetence, conflict of interest and internal disarray," tweeted Saturday Night Live Trump double Alec Baldwin. Continuing questions about Russian influence in Washington added to turmoil in the White House this week with the forced resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn. 

The U.S. ruling class is deeply divided about whether an alliance with Russia would serve American interests, but parties to that debate share a common goal: the global advancement of a rotten system of exploitation. "This is not just a matter of palace intrigue," notes Revolution newspaper, "what is happening poses potentially grave dangers for humanity." 

Despite a growing list of impeachable offenses, from fraud and racketeering to treason and bribery, Trump loyalists stand by their man, sucking up 'alternative facts' like hard candy. "Trump's inflammatory campaign rhetoric continues to define him," concludes Los Angeles Times reporter Cathleen Decker. But what sold well to Trump voters, the ugliness, ignorance and fear of white nationalism, will serve to popularize his undoing.
"Only everything," answered artist and activist Harry Belafonte. "With his simple, mean, boy's heart, Mr. Trump wants us to follow him blind into a restoration [of 'American Greatness'] that is not possible and could not be endured if it were." 

"Perhaps more than any other person, [newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff] Sessions stands at the nexus of many of the potential plot lines that we should fear most about the Donald Trump presidency," writes Greg Sargent at The Washington Post. Voter suppression, weakened civil rights, immigrant deportation: "Trump's well-documented authoritarian impulses could conceivably tip him into genuine authoritarian rule."

Before Alabama Senator Sessions could even sit down at his desk to bask in illegitimate glory, Usurper-in-Chief Donald Trump outlined his mandate to protect law enforcement officers from the public, in an ass-backwards assignment of blame for violent crimes. Investigation of outstanding murders by police is likely to be curtailed, and commitment to police reform forgotten, if we don't act decisively.

Despite a pattern of excessive force against Chicago residents, police officers are held in higher repute than their victims. The false narrative of "crime on the rise" (violent crime in the United States has actually decreased significantly over several decades) gives rise to the "new era of justice" platitudes of a president in denial.

Donald Trump's wall against reality defends what Dr. Brian Moench calls "a Mad Hatter's tea party of scientific absurdity," contradicted by real news and real science. "We're living in a new era, where an unverified report about possible, unsubstantiated rumors of alleged, unconfirmed evidence hacked from an undisclosed source competes on an equal footing with real information," he adds. "But 'Making America Great Again' goes even further, and is apparently code for 'Making America Ignorant'."

"Donald Trump represents the dark side of human nature: ugliness, ignorance and fear," says Jesse Berney, writer for Rolling Stone. "He wants to build a giant wall, an act contrary to the idea of art. He won on the promise of banning a religion, a rejection not just of an entire culture but of the idea of culture itself."

What do we have to lose? Our humanity, if Trump has his way. We must drive out this fascistic regime. Sooner than later.
A federal appeals court in San Francisco will hear arguments February 7 at 3 PM on whether to restore President Donald Trump's controversial immigration order, reports Matt Zapotosky at the Washington Post:

Thumbnail image for DSC08481edited.jpg
Opposition [to Trump's travel order] has been successful so far, and it is growing. On Monday, ten former high-ranking diplomatic and national security officials; nearly 100 Silicon Valley tech companies; more than 280 law professors; a coalition of 16 state or district attorneys general, including those from Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia; and a host of civil liberties and other organizations formally lent their support to the legal bid to block Trump's order...

Trump and his supporters have continued to press the case that the short-term stoppage on refugees and immigrants from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen is necessary for national security reasons. Trump went so far as to suggest on Twitter that if an attack were to happen, the judiciary would be to blame.

"Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril," Trump wrote. "If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!"

The President called opposition to his executive order "fake news." Polls reflect a different reality: thousands of people in the streets, on a regular basis, across the U.S. 

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