We owe it to all of us, lost and living, to engage in the ongoing struggle to transform the world, ourselves and our relationships to each other.

We Charge Genocide: The Emergence of a Movement

"Our world is increasingly a place of violent conflict, hatred and brutal atrocities, committed even in the name of God and of religion." --  Pope Francis

It's not enough to merely deliver the above statement to Congress... What about specifying the causes of conflict such as regime change or coveting natural resources? What about actually citing the governments that are responsible for unleashing, orchestrating and fueling violence? It's not as if there is no evidence. Far from it, the evidence of criminality is replete. 

The Pope's failure to condemn U.S. war and global terrorism is more than disappointing. Journalist Finian Cunningham equates the Pope's silence with tacit acceptance, even complicity: "When one of the world's foremost religious leaders keeps silent, that is as good as a blessing for the warmongers."

Woodcut by Lucas Cranach of the pope using the temporal power to grant authority to a generously contributing ruler

Manifest Your Support for #RiseUpOctober


World Can't Wait is answering the challenge that Stop Mass Incarceration Network put out to fundraise to bring family members of those who were murdered by police to NYC for mass mobilization on October 24th. Their critical voices are essential to the campaign to stop police terror.


What we allow our government to get away with in this country, we allow it to do to others around the world. We stand with those in the righteous struggle to end police brutality and murder here because the system that oppresses people around the globe is the same system that brutalizes and tortures people in its own streets.

Families (left) shared stories of stolen lives with guests of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco. Photo by Cephus Johnson.

Our goal, as an organization, is to raise $10,000 so that 10 family members of those whose lives were stolen by the police can travel to NYC to participate in three days of determined resistance. Despite unspeakable loss, despite having their child gunned down by the police for no reason, despite having to watch as their child's murderer goes free and the epidemic of police murder and terror drones on, these courageous individuals will not back down and instead are leading this resistance.

We celebrate these family members' bravery and commitment to ending the horror. Imagine the impact it would add to these days of protest to have dozens of family members who share this same tragedy marching arm and arm, saying that they are not going to stand for any more children being taken away.

Their powerful accounts of extrajudicial killing, and their cries for justice -- not just in their cases but for what is happening to people all over this country -- need to be heard right in the heart of New York City, the financial and cultural capitol of the empire.

Make a generous donation today, so that family voices can be heard and their children remembered. Specify "Oct24 families" use of funds on memo line (checks) or "in honor of" box (online).

Recently, scores of police murders of unarmed and nonthreatening African Americans and other citizens have come to light. Outrage has grown over the failure of the system to bring to justice those officers who have committed murder and abused their power. Analogously, lingering outrage remains that no one in the Bush Administration has been brought to justice for their evident war crimes... the bloody, costly and devastating repercussions of the Bush Administration's war crimes are ongoing...

Artist Sandra Koponen's paintings defy state-sponsored amnesia

Stop the Endless Wars (Video)

The United Nations observed another International Day of Peace today with a call for global ceasefire.

We find little to commend progress. Politics-as-usual has not met the enormity of the challenge. Election of the first Black American President failed to halt or reverse the terrible program of war, repression and theocracy that was initiated by the Bush / Cheney regime and the ongoing crimes that continue to this day. It is up to us to take responsibility to change the course of history. 

World Can't Wait takes action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.

Hate Crimes? We Do

We hate wars for empire, oppression of women, environmental destruction, the persecution of immigrants -- ongoing crimes of our government.

And we Hate the Murder of Black and Brown People by their supposed "Protectors."


Few people thought former Hollywood star Ronald Reagan could ever become president -- until he was elected twice.

Few people thought business mogul Donald Trump could be a serious presidential candidate -- until he shot to the top of most polls amid a crowded GOP field...

Newsmax looks at 15 things The Donald has in common with The Gipper.

Bay Area Stop Mass Incarceration and Women's Collective San Francisco sponsored a rally and march Saturday against Donald Trump's fascist assault on immigrants. Far from a "clown", this white supremacist, ultra-nationalist must be stopped in his tracks. 

Every person of conscience needs to stand up and say "NO WAY -- WE WILL NOT LET THIS GO DOWN." 

evidence of health benefits and longer average life-span following low-dose irradiation should replace fear." 

No Joke. You can't make this stuff up.

If adopted, this would permit all current radioactive releases, leaks, and ongoing emissions from nuclear power plants, and decrease evacuation zones, as well as allow Fukushima, Chernobyl, WIPP (New Mexico nuclear waste disposal site), Hanford, Oak Ridge, Nevada and Alaska test sites, Santa Susanna, Farallons nuclear waste dump, depleted uranium, nuclear weapons, and other international emissions, as long as the government deems them to be "low level", to impact Americans under the fantasy of a hormesis effect.

The preposterous allegation that Black Lives Matter is a "hate group" represents a desperate attempt by media demagogues like Bill O'Reilly to vilify witnesses to police terror. 

The notion that national scrutiny of "aggressive" policing has emboldened criminals fools few:   

Free Speech Doesn't Kill People 

"I think it makes all the difference in the world," says Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth. "Obama doesn't want to be seen as underwriting indiscriminate warfare" by Saudi Arabia.

"..there's an enormous humanitarian crisis in Yemen. It is already a country that is very dependent on international assistance for basic things like water and the like. And because the Saudis have been blockading the country, trying to prevent fuel and other things from getting into Yemen as part of its effort to fight the Houthi rebels, the Yemeni people are suffering. And we're seeing enormous numbers of people who are facing malnutrition and even starvation because of the deprivation caused by this blockade."

New Report Identifies US-Made Weapons

August 29 marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina... 

Without transportation many residents had no way to escape the deadly onslaught. 

"Tens of thousands of the city's sickest, oldest, poorest, youngest, people with disabilities and the like were left behind." -- Loyola University Law Professor Bill Quigley

100,000 African-Americans never made it back.

New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: Flood dev...

New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: Flood devastated residential section of Lower 9th Ward; house landed atop Chevy car. Photo by Infrogmation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"Promises made throughout Obama's tenure are systematically broken," columnist Stephen Lendman responded to the President's visit. "America's most disadvantaged in New Orleans and nationwide are more on their own unaided by all levels of government since pre-Great Depression days. Nothing in prospect suggests change... 

"The tragedy of Katrina is less about what nature wrought, more a conspiracy of federal, state and city government along with business interests against the area's most vulnerable residents - mainly its poor Black population."

Gulf coast areas became a laboratory for disaster capitalism. "I think we have a clean sheet to start again (and take advantage of) big opportunities," said New Orleans developer Joseph Canizaro at the time.

Tourist business has largely recovered. Poor communities are being erased, replaced with upscale development. Ten years after the hurricane, too many of our brothers and sisters continue to have "no way out."


The 1000+ audience for Sunday's rally against the growing epidemic of systemic violence against Black and Brown people, here and around the world, was rewarded with a memorable expression of solidarity for a community of activists determined to stop State brutality and oppression.

"..those who missed out on attending this event really missed out. It was emotional, powerful, beautiful to the core and brought to light to a movement that I often only hear about from a very small lens surrounded with lots of speculation and rumors." -- Photographer Michelle Dione

Take a deep look, watch the entire video (yes, Janelle Monae and Wondaland are in it at the end),

"The Afghan state is designed to meet the national security interests of the United States - not to be responsive to the needs of Afghan citizens." -- journalist Anand Gopal

Half a year after NATO officially ended its military operations, much of the countryside lies in tatters, and the so-called armed opposition, which encompasses the Taliban and a plethora of armed militias including groups operating in the eastern region who have declared their allegiance to ISIS, is alive and kicking...

ultimately, the cost of U.S. "reconstruction" efforts will be counted in human lives.

Unavoidable Facts


New Orleans "Better Than Ever" ???


crowd-1.jpgTen years since Katrina and 10 years among the undead, I recall having had my humanity interrupted, my community made fodder to a culture in which gazing upon our deaths is an act as simple as a few guilt-free clicks. These days, I share my culture with those who zoom their lenses in on me and my son--those who demand with point-and-shoots to know if we are a part of the festivities?

c/o Chelsea Manning Support Network:

Chelsea faces this incomprehensibly severe punishment as a result of ridiculously innocuous institutional offenses, including the possession of books and magazines related to politics and LBGTQ issues (which she received openly via the prison mail system), and having a tube of toothpaste that was past its expiration date (apparently deemed "medical mis-use"). The catalyst for this attack on Chelsea seems to have been an incident in the mess hall where she may have pushed, brushed, or accidentally knocked, a small amount of food off of her table. She then asked to speak to her lawyer when confronted by a guard. The absurd charges were tacked on later.

Sign petition to drop charges 

World Can't Wait enthusiastically supports work to stop mass incarceration, police brutality, and murder of Black and Brown People. 

Your contributions at this time make a world of difference to how resistance to the New Jim Crow plays out. 

Sustain the #RiseUpOctober volunteers who came to Ferguson for the anniversary of Mike Brown's murder. "We came to stand with the people, to uphold the Ferguson rebellion in the face of attempts to repress and slander it, and to spread the message of the Rise Up October national tour," report arrestees Carl Dix and Cornel West.

A year after the murder of Michael Brown, It's Still Right to Rebel Against Injustice!

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08-angelitos negros ( black angels ).nbcnews-ux-1024-900.jpg

"Artists have a responsibility to record history," Andre Guichard, artist, Curator and co-owner of Gallery Guichard Fine Art Gallery in Chicago said. "This is part of American history."

See Protest Art

"..the overall record of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate is one of violence, militarism and aggression that has left a pile of dead bodies of innocent people," writes Glenn Greenwald. "That Obama feels the need (or desire) to boast about how many countries he's bombed, and that the only mainstream criticisms of him in the Iran debate is that he is too unwilling to use more aggression and force, says a lot about Obama, but even more about U.S. political culture.

Thousands of Deaths in Seven Countries 

Mike Brown's Killer At Large


This weekend, on the anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown, we repudiate the blue wall of silence protecting police officer Darren Wilson, and commemorate the righteous and defiant rebellion of people in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. 

Friday, August 7
4:00 pm Rally, Oscar Grant Corner, 14th and Broadway, Oakland 
5:30 March to First Friday

Saturday, August 8 
1:00 pm Protest, Powell and Market, San Francisco

Sunday, August 9
Outreach to crowds at Outside Lands Music Festival
Meet at 1:00 pm, Fulton and 36th Street, San Francisco

Michael Brown's mother vows to "never forgive" the "cold and malicious" police officer who shot and killed her son nearly one year ago in Ferguson, Missouri. "He wouldn't even admit what he did was wrong. He wouldn't admit he had no reason to do what he did," Lesley McSpadden said of former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Wilson killed Brown on August 9, 2014, after stopping him because he was walking in the street.

Call to Action: StopMassIncarceration.net

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