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Thank you all dear supporters who came out to the waterfront on such late notice.... YOU ALL ROCK! This is going to be quite a convergence....and quite magical and powerful....your love will be with us all week! -- Toby, Martha, Fred and all!

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Photo: San Francisco Send-Off Rally Saturday, February 28 - Peace Caravan departs for Creech Air Force Base, Nevada.

CODEPINK and supporters will initiate the week with early commute hour vigils, starting Monday, as a prelude to "CAMP JUSTICE," a three-day encampment across from the base.
Five national peace organizations have been working overtime for months to prepare for this protest, which will culminate in a nonviolent direct action to actually SHUT DOWN CREECH on Friday, March 6.  
"Creech is where the killer drone program started and it is where we shall end it," say organizers.  
Coming from over 17 states, including Maine, Alaska and Hawaii, dozens of veterans and many other activists plan to peacefully shut down Creech Air Force Base, the home military base for drone warfare, since 2005, where the CIA and Pentagon wage airstrikes that terrorize and kill civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.  Protestors will demand banning:
          -the use of drones for extrajudicial killings,
          -surveillance on civilian populations, and
          -the sale and distribution of drone warfare technology to foreign governments.
I-95 highway leading into the base, an hour north of Las Vegas, will be embellished with a long trail of giant banners with diverse anti-drone/anti-war messaging, and organizers will re-name the throughway "Drone Victims Memorial Highway" as they lay out tombstones, with victims names and ages, and other memorial paraphernalia to underline the dark side of drone warfare and to highlight the base as the criminal site where these unlawful killings are executed, and from where drone pilots, following illegal orders, have caused the deaths of over 200 Pakistan children alone.

NOTE: Our weekly PEACE vigil will express solidarity with Creech action this Wednesday, March 4, 5:30pm. Come out and show your support! Northwest corner of Market and Montgomery Streets, San Francisco.
SHUT DOWN CREECH is collectively organized by CODEPINK, Veterans For Peace, Nevada Desert Experience, Voices for Creative Nonviolence and Women's International League for Peace & Freedom. Over 40 national organizations are endorsers or sponsors, including Iraq Veterans Against the War and World Can't Wait. CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.

Exceptional Crimes


Endless incarceration, extrajudicial killing, pervasive surveillance, drone strikes in defiance of national boundaries, torture on demand, and immunity for all of the above:

Washington, more than any other power, created the modern international community of laws and treaties, yet it now reserves the right to defy those same laws with impunity. A sovereign ruler should, said [Nazi Germany's chief jurist Carl] Schmitt, discard laws in times of national emergency. So the United States, as the planet's last superpower or, in Schmitt's terms, its global sovereign, has in these years repeatedly ignored international law, following instead its own unwritten rules of the road for the exercise of world power.

see From Torture to Drones: How the US Gave Itself a Global Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card

Stop Funding Israel's War Crimes


Since the beginning of February the "ISRAEL'S WAR CRIMES: YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK" ad (left) has been appearing on the sides of buses along some of the popular bus routes in San Francisco. The photo is from the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2014 that killed more than 2000 Palestinians, mostly noncombatants, and displaced nearly 10% of the population. works to end the use of taxpayer funding to Israel, including tax exemption to projects in Israel that support the abuse of human rights.

photo by Phil Pasquini

It works as designed, in the interests of the ruling class.


"The lack of a criminal indictment does not mean a lack of consequences for the officers who killed Alex Nieto. Today begins the public trial and public shaming of his killers and their accomplices."

A response to the non indictment of the officers who killed Alex Nieto


People from across the country are making plans to be at Creech AFB outside Las Vegas, NV from March 4 - 6 for the "Shut Down Creech!" anti-drone war protests. This is an extremely important place to be if you can possibly make it.


Creech is a key center for the control of drone attacks and the training of drone operators. Creech, along with Beale AFB in California and Cannon AFB in New Mexico, have more drone operators than other drone bases, according to 2014 report from the Government Accountability Office. 

"Shutdown Creech" comes at a very critical time when drone operators are under increasing physical and emotional stress because of new missions being laid on in the growing U.S. war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, coming on top of sustaining drone attack levels in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. U.S. drones are also believed to be attacking in Libya and possibly other places in Africa.


From March 18 through 21 people will be gathering in Washington for "Spring Rising - An anti-war intervention."


The idea for this marshaling of anti-war sentiment comes from Cindy Sheehan and from a call by Malachy Kilbride for a national mobilization that, hopefully, will peg the United States wars and militarism as a national issue that must be addressed.

Over the four-day event there will be:

- Visits to Congressional offices organized by Code Pink.
- A war criminals bus tour organized by Cindy, visiting government and corporate offices in DC.
- A teach-in organized by Debra Sweet, director of World Can't Wait.
- And a rally and march, to include the White House, organized by ANSWER.

Some groups are already organizing buses. If you are not able to attend, please  create events where you are calling for a halt to the U.S. air war, drone attacks, U.S. targeted killing in all forms and U.S. occupation.



Internationally recognized peace activist Kathy Kelly is serving a three-month prison term for crossing the line onto Whiteman Air Force Base property. She was attempting to deliver a letter to the base commander, asking him to stop his troops from piloting lethal drone flights over Afghanistan.

Prison Number 04971-045

P.O. BOX 14525


Government leaders and corporations fiddle like Nero while the Earth burns, pointing the finger at each other and criminally condemning the planet to sure destruction... 


This precious and indispensable planet is the ultimate commons. As the commons it suffers from the fact that no individual and private interests can cope with what the Earth needs to survive and be protected. Those who see things is terms of private interests cannot and will not rise to meet the terms of this crisis.

Only those who recognize the public interest and who will fight for the public interest can recognize the catastrophe underway and can save the Earth. Only a system that is based upon the public interest can rescue this planet from certain catastrophe, no longer something in the future but what's happening right now. 

Truth-Teller Released From Prison



John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee to go to prison in connection with the agency's torture program. Not because he tortured anyone, but because he revealed information on torture to a reporter.

In a wide-ranging phone interview with The Intercept, Kiriakou, 50, shared his thoughts on the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA interrogation techniques, on his incarceration, and on his future after prison.

Kiriakou began his final 'Letter from Loretto' by expressing gratitude to all the people who supported him throughout his time in prison. He mentions a few of the friends he made while imprisoned. He then declares, "By the time you read this, I'll be home. Now the real work can begin--the struggle for human rights, civil liberties and prison reform. I can guarantee you that I am unbowed, unbroken, uninstitutionalized and ready to fight."

painting by Robert Shetterley

8 Activists Block Drone Base

Code Pink's Toby Blome reports:

On Tuesday during early morning commute, 8 Anti-Drone activists blockaded Wheatland road into Beale Air Force Base for 1 hour and 20 minutes, during the morning commute. The majority of military personnel and non-military personnel enter through this gate each morning, totaling hundreds of vehicles. In a continuing 4 year long monthly resistance to illegal drone assassinations and perpetual war, these activists refused to get out of the road when a very polite highway patrol officer arrived after the first half hour of blockade.

After much initial discussion between the officer and the activists, the officer radioed in to his supervisor, who gave him the order not to arrest. Within 10 minutes another officer arrived on the scene, and the two officers proceeded to use their patrol cars to create a barrier between the peace activists and the commute cars, creating a second layer of blockade. All drivers trying to get into the base that morning were forced to take a long detour to other gates, significantly delaying their arrival to the base. 

Occupy Beale Air Force Base activists were motivated by the recent continued escalation of illegal drone attacks by the Obama Administration in Pakistan and Yemen, as well as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and elsewhere. Just on Monday a 12 year old boy, Mohammed Saleh Qayed Taeiman, was killed by a U.S. drone attack in Yemen, along with 2 adults, while driving on a roadway. 
Mohammed had lost his father and 17 year old brother by a U.S. drone attack in 2011.

Photo via National Organization for Drone Victims

March 4-6: SHUT DOWN CREECH!  

Creech AFB, the heart of U.S. drone warfare in southern Nevada, will see the largest ever drone protest in the country. Bring Affinity groups, invite friends and help us Shut Down the very base where CIA drone killing is executed!

Connecting the dots to the rampant police violence against black and brown people of color, activists brought the "Black Lives Matter" theme to Beale this month. "From Ferguson to Pakistan, Oakland to Afghanistan, STOP THE RACIST KILLING." A flyer distributed to Beale personnel explained the extreme racism that exists both in U.S. global warfare, drone killing and in law enforcement practices, where lives of people of color and people of other cultures are so easily expendable. Occupy Beale activists refuse to be complicit in the dehumanization of other peoples' lives. The one hour-plus blockade was very successful in stopping "business as usual" at Beale Air Force Base and demanding that these policies change.

Black Lives Matter at Berkeley Law


15814304489_7f2c76c17d_b.jpgAs members of the Berkeley Law faculty and staff, we write to express our despair and outrage about the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner in Missouri and New York. These cases again exposed the failure of the criminal justice system to value Black lives. The Brown and Garner cases have undermined our trust as legal scholars, advocates, and educators in the fundamental fairness of our legal system. We share with our students the struggle to reconcile the constitutional values that we teach in the classroom with the reality that race determines how communities of color experience our legal system. We support the members of our community who are exercising their constitutional right to free speech through protest and peaceful civil disobedience. We call on the United States Department of Justice and other authorities to investigate further. As a community of legal scholars and advocates, we commit to addressing these issues in the days to come. 

Observers of Martin Luther King Jr. Day have this year linked the federal holiday to a rallying cry in recent months during demonstrations over police brutality: "Black lives matter." Reuters 

"The problem of police brutality is real; it's going on in every major city." - Gabriel Baez, nephew of Eric Garner

..organizers said they "demand the leadership of the state take immediate action to institute meaningful, systemic policy solutions to address the worst racial disparities in the country." AP report from St. Paul, Minnesota

In year that saw renewed calls for racial justice, over 50 nationwide demonstrations held to 'desanitize' the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. - Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams

Booting Up

NOTE: Report on January 13 action here

Press Conference followed by March to Office of the Dean 

West Terrace of Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley

"Why is one of the central perpetrators of a systematic torture regime teaching at Berkeley law school and welcomed in our most respectable opinion venues?" 

Boalt Hall administrators have been dodging that question for nearly a decade. Remedy for crimes against humanity has no expiration date; apologists for the repudiated opinions of John Yoo have no legal standing, and people of conscience refuse to accept brutality carried out in their name. Release of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture has strengthened resolve of justice advocates from the legal, religious, medical and campus communities around the U.S. for immediate closure of the Guantanamo Torture Camp.

Fire, Disbar, PROSECUTE John Yoo!

Prosecutions are the very best way to ensure that officials don't torture again. The freedom afforded Bush administration officials today threatens to normalize criminal behavior by "do it again" Cheney and company. The Center for Constitutional Rights' Michael Ratner applauds investigation by a German human rights group, but as Curt Goering at The Center for Victims of Torture reminds us, "It is about us. And it is up to all of us to act."

From Ferguson to Guantanamo, masses of people are challenging the legitimacy of policies that contribute to state sanctioned terror. 


The police were not created to protect and serve the population. They were not created to stop crime, at least not as most people understand it. And they were certainly not created to promote justice. They were created to protect the new form of wage-labor capitalism that emerged in the mid to late nineteenth century from the threat posed by that system's offspring, the working class.

-- Sam Mitrani, Class and Conflict

Patrol badge, 1858. The original police in the South hunted down escaped slaves.

The Afghan War Is So Not Over


We Have Zero Tolerance for Torture


On January 11, the U.S. torture camp at Guantanamo will have been open 13 years. More than 100 men are still held, the majority of whom are cleared for release. They suffer the Obama administration's practice of indefinite detention. An unknown number of hunger strikers are being force-fed in violation of the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

By refusing to prosecute Bush-era officials for their culpability in major human rights abuses such as the CIA program and Abu Ghraib, President Obama is not just failing to enforce justice but is essentially guaranteeing that such abuses will happen again in the future. His administration has demonstrated that even if government officials perpetrate the most heinous crimes imaginable, they will still be able to rely on their peers to conceal their wrongdoing and protect them from prosecution. This not only erodes the rule of law, it also helps create a culture of impunity that will inevitably give rise to such actions once again.  

-- Murtaza Hussain, c/o The Intercept

World Can't Wait joins the Witness Against Torture community to protest an era of ruthless brutality. Demonstrations at the CIA, the White House and the State Department; panels, meetings, and a symbolic fast in solidarity with Guantanamo prisoners will continue over a week, with a mid-day Bay Area action on Tuesday, January 13 at UC Berkeley Law School (Boalt Hall). Watch for details at .

Rock In the New Year


With 2014 coming to an end, we encourage all of you who value the resources and orientation World Can't Wait provides to match pledged donations of $5,000. This a great opportunity to double your impact.

Whether it's by making a donation yourself, or soliciting your personal social network, we are all needed. To make your year-end donation to support World Can't Wait, go here

WHY should you donate now online or by mail -- why should you be part of the movement to stop the crimes of our government in 2015?  

Because you know how much it matters that the work of World Can't Wait persists and grows. You know that from protests and marches, to the 'We Are Not Your Soldiers' work in high schools, top-urgency programs like the Gaza forum in NYC and the annual Close Guantanamo demos and speaking tours, to leading direct actions confronting war criminals, to organizing New York Times message ads -- World Can't Wait undertakes it all with tremendous energy, enormous heart, and with a persistence that has only deepened over the past 10 years. By donating, you take part in continuing work on this mission.



We received the following invitation from the Bay Area chapter of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, for a mobilized protest going out into the famous New Year's Eve celebration crowd on the San Francisco waterfront. Bring your signs, banners, whistles, friends and family, and your determination that police murder must END!  




Wednesday December 31
Meet up 9 pm at Embarcadero BART exit on Market Street

San Francisco
(If you arrive late, look for the large Stop Mass Incarceration Network signs and mobilization in the gathering crowd heading down onto the Embarcadero)

And on Thursday, New Year's Day 2015:


12 noon to 4 pm

Fruitvale BART Station, Oakland 

Why should you join these protests on New Year's Eve and Day? Last week at a Stop Mass Incarceration Network press conference in NYC, Richard Marini of World Can't Wait explained why:

Two weeks ago the world was shocked to learn of details of how CIA operatives tortured men in Guantanamo in the salt pits of Afghanistan and in so-called "black sites" around the world.  The truth is: it wasn't done by a few rogue agents.  It was designed and directed by people at the top in the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA.  It was approved by leaders of congress.  And no one so far has been held accountable for these crimes.

In the last few weeks the world has been shocked that the police who are sworn to serve and protect have killed and brutalized so many Black and Brown people in this country.  It seems to be approved by governments and approved by the courts.  No one is being held accountable for these crimes.

Anyone with an ounce of humanity and who is outraged by this arbitrary use of force, whether at Guantanamo, Brooklyn, Afghanistan or Staten Island -- we call on those people to come out on December 31. We call on those people who think that the lives of people living in this country are not more important than the lives of other people and those who think that Black and Brown lives matter, to join protest on December 31 in NYC and across the country.

American lives are not more important than other lives.

..the discussion surrounding Brown's death quickly transcended geography and focused instead on the realities of a broader systemic racism. The vacuum of the unknown was soon filled by a chorus of voices sharing similar stories of heartbreak - and demanding action. Such a process has begun to galvanize a new generation of activists across America, including those that police chief Flynn is so quick to dismiss here in Milwaukee. 

April 2014 shooting death of Dontre Hamilton "may out-Ferguson Ferguson"

"America Is Better Than This."


The CIA -- having carried out torture; having lied about it at the time; and having lied about it this month in response to the report -- was discussed as if it were "not who we are." But is that true?

CIA Did Not Act Alone


Finding #5 in the [Senate Torture] Report blames the CIA for failing to provide accurate information to Bush administration attorneys, including John Yoo at the Office of Legal Counsel. However, John Yoo was not an innocent by-stander being mislead by the CIA. The European Court of Human Rights has analyzed the events around Abu Zubaydah's detention and interrogation, and found a clear link between a memo written by John Yoo and the inception of water boarding...

USA Tortured for No Reason; Places Blame on the CIA, While Providing Protection for Others Who Are Equally Responsible

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